Massachusetts - Trailer for rent in Auburn

Trailer for rent in Auburn

ID: #1686656
Contract Type: FOR RENT
Last Update Date: 2022-12-11

I am posting this post, to give the consumer's a heads up to anyone thinking of living in this trailer park in Auburn Mass, stay as far away as possible. From this guy. He is the biggest ripoff in the world. He works at Emerson realtors. His name is Justin Stelmok . This kid is nothing but a lying dirtbag, he lies more than the Democratic party does. He makes numerous promises, and tells you okay. You're all set. You can live here, and buy one of their trailers. At our park, in Auburn, Massachusetts. Of manufacturing housing community across from Price choppers, but then at the last second. He tells you sorry. It has been Sold to somebody else, or rented to somebody else. This kid is a complete DIRTBAG, typical SCUMBAG real estate dirtbag All they know how to do is lie 24/7. This kid lies more than the devil. Put it this way. He lies more than the Worcester Police department does. Maybe if he ever gets out of real estate, he can go work for the Worcester Police. Because he is the exact same way. A complete dirtbag. Do not buy or rent anything from this trailer park. Everybody is trying to get out of there because of this dirtbag him and his uncle and father are involved in the place and they're all dirt bags. I do not have a rental or a trailer to sell. Just telling you to stay as far away as possible, from this dirtbag, an Emerson realty in Auburn, Massachusetts. The whole company is nothing but a bunch of scumbags. That just lie 24/7 365 days a year.