Indiana - Beware of College Square!

Beware of College Square!

ID: #1452778
Contract Type: FOR RENT
State: Indiana
Last Update Date: 2022-06-10

They have a lot of units available, along with bedbugs, roaches, drugs and drunks!
I had bedbugs 4 times. The last time, the manager blamed ME for having too much stuff, but when you're an older adult, your entire world has to fit in that space! I had been there for 9+ years when she refused to renew the lease.
Keep the lease in mind! It's month-to-month, so if you don't kiss her a, you're back out on the street!
ALL of the properties owned by Renewing Management have bedbug issues (read the reviews). If you get them, YOU pay $400+ to get rid of them, and they can charge you if they find bedbugs in a neighbor's apartment!
Why such a problem? They only require a new tenant to state they don't have bedbugs, and they OBVIOUSLY don't inspect furniture when a new tenant moves in. There could be an OBVIOUS infestation, and the tenant carries them right into the building.
They're "renovating" apartments, so you might be hearing demolition and construction for weeks! 7am and they're banging away!
They delete about 100 cu ft of storage during a renovation, so if you have a lot of stuff, there's little room for it.
Am I bitter about being kicked out? Yeah, because management WON'T do their jobs! The fact I'm disabled and got a cancer diagnosis the same month I got the notice to vacate didn't help!
They take Section 8 vouchers, but why do they have so many open apartments right now? Could be that people DO NOT want to live there.
You have been warned!


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