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ID: #1490815
Contract Type: FOR RENT
State: Illinois
Last Update Date: 2022-07-04

Please do Not Call Us if you have not read the full ad. Listed below is all of the information you need to know about our process and what you will need to be apart of the program. If you have not read full ad you will be directed back here. After reading please call with any questions you may have

Due To The Extreme High Demand for our services we will be open this Sunday and Next Sunday 10pm-6pm. If you are in need of our services Contact Us Now!
This Home is now available for Rent!
Please be advised we do not own the home listed we work with the landlord in which the property is owned and managed by
Have you recently been denied for housing and urgently need to move? Are you sleeping in your car or motel because you can’t secure housing ? Are you not able to secure housing because you’ve been evicted? CONTACT US NOW
Alliance Group LLC
Managed by Jared Williams
Now Introducing Step Up Housing St Louis
Our landlords within our program works with the people in which we accept. Our mission is to assist communities affected by no housing because of evictions, past judgements, and/or criminal history. Our jobs is to make you an acceptable tenant to any of the landlords working within our database.
Application Fees are $35 for each adult over the age of 18. We guarantee housing for all individuals approved directly for our program contact one of our Account Managers today in order to begin your process.
We will not be your direct landlord however our job is to get you approved and moved in with any landlord apart of our database without the fear of being told no because of your Past.
What our Process looks like? 5 Day Processing
Day 1: Intake Application Phone Appointment (30-45 minutes) After completion of your appointment you will then be informed of your decision with 5-15 minutes. If denied you will not be subject are responsible for any app fee if you are approved will your application fees be due App Fee is $35 per applicant 18 and older. Next you will cover $300 start up fee (our services are not free) with qualified applicants you could have that fee placed towards deposit or 2nd months rent (Everyone 1st month rent free) based on your discretion. Next you will sign contractual agreements with our program stated how we will serve you. This completes your Day 1 process.
Day 2: Viewing Day Now it’s time to see your options based on your approval you will have qualified homes sent to you. Based on what you like we will get you a viewing set up when viewing a home you will meet with landlord, and a move in advocate for our program. Our landlords that work with us have signed an agreement they won’t have access to your credit score or any personal info once your approved with us so they shouldn’t be questioning your credit score that doesn’t matter when your approved with us. Our advocate is there to ensure your not backed into any corner pressured to give any information that should not be provided based on agreement and contract terms. Most of those viewings we do try our very best to make happen same day unless scheduling conflicts arise between either party. This completes your Day 2 process.
Day 3: It’s DECISION MAKING TIME! Which home did you adore ? Which property manager you connected with over others? You decide on your property we then submit your rental agreement request for 1yr or 2yr based on the term in which the landlord you select offers. And your Rental profile that will be create by us to help them get to know who you are and who your family are. Connection based questions family hobbies etc. We then wait for the landlord to accept you as a tenant. (Timeframe given to landlords are 2-3 hours upon information being submitted) The only reason a landlord can not accept you after approval is if another tenant from our program has already been accepted and we will confirm that if so. Once Accepted deposit arrangements are made. You can pay your deposit directly to landlord (subject to refund if property is in good condition) or directly to us over payment arrangements of 12 months or 24 months based on your lease term monthly payments not being made may be subject to lease Violation and possible legal action (Non-Refundable and liability agreement signed). Lots of people ask do I have to have the deposit paid on this day. The answer is simple no either option you go through with we can arrange the date for you to pay deposit how after Day 2 process you only have a 3 day timeframe on making a deposit otherwise the landlord is subject to accept alternative applicant. You will then sign a deposit acknowledgment form once decision has been made. This completes your Day 3 process.
Day 4: Finalization Day. HURRAY it’s time to schedule your move in date and sign your lease. Your move in date will be arranged based on your deposit placement if paying to landlord once he signs your deposit acknowledgment form confirming it was paid then you will be eligible to move in, and with us as long as your first payment is placed your eligible to move in with our signature confirming it was paid.Based on Credit some may require a higher 1st payment and remaining amount split between remaining months this will be integrated into your lease agreement
(Most of our properties are first months rent free just contingent upon the landlord)
Day 5: POSSIBLE MOVE IN DAY or Possible Hand to Landlord
At this time we have completed our jobs as long as you are set to move in you can move in as early as Day 5 if not on your Move In Date we will call you to connect and make sure things went smoothly and wish you the best of luck. You will be all done with The Step Up Housing St Louis program and then you would only contact us if needed. We will contact you one month prior to completion of your lease to a exit call we want to know what your experience was like. You are our client we represent you! That’s what we love the most this day, the joy, all the big smiles. You’ve done it you’ve completed the process.
Process subject to delays based upon you and/or longer viewing process however with 5 fulls days of work could be your journey to you next home We are in the biggest housing crisis in the WORLD LET US HELP YOU!
Contact us now to see if you qualify for housing with one of hundreds of landlords and homes we have to offer.
Our Start Up Fee is discounted today only for all new applicants!
Our call volume has been very busy so please be patient with us as we will reach out to you as quickly as possible.
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm CST
Lunch Daily at 12:30pm-1:30pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-6pm (Temporarily)
Please do not text us CALL as we can not get you enroll in program via text messaging. When calling please do not call multiple times leave a voicemail in the instance we can’t be reached and we will return your call within 24 hours failure to leave voicemail will result in no callback. If you don’t here from us within same business day please contact us again as some voicemails get missed due to high call volume