Arkansas - Loaded 2BR, 1 bath, with EVERYTHING included

Loaded 2BR, 1 bath, with EVERYTHING included

ID: #1697863
Contract Type: FOR RENT
State: Arkansas
Last Update Date: 2022-12-28

Welcome to 310 Hawthorne Street!
2 bedroom, 1 bathroom dandy, with heat, light, water, electric, gas, internet and outdoor gym-
EVERYTHING thrown in, for $950
Everything is paid for you
We will help you move, with our 5' x 10' trailer, if you need. (See photo 12)
Right across the street from Hot Spring's courthouse Between Ouichita and Quapaw Avenue
Best security and location, in all of Hot Springs
That $950 includes FREE internet at the fastest speed, gas and electric heat, AC , electricity, water, trash, gymnasium and 5 surveillance cameras, surrounding the house!
This unit is 1 block away from the deputy sheriff department. There are also floodlights across the street, protecting the nearby businesses and 310
Mr. Billy is in charge of security and monitors 24/7.He's a security SHARK. He doesn't play around
You will feel safer than u ever felt before
The location is SUPERB
Kroger's, Walmart, OZK bank, St. John's Church, post office, printer, 5 bars, tourist area, J B liquor store, 4 tennis courts, McDonald's, Burger King, Hardy's, Taco Bell- are all within 5 minute drive
Lake Catherine and Lake Hamilton swimming and fishing are 12 minutes away The bus line is across the street
The insect-free apartment is freshly painted and caulked everywhere.
It has a gas stove, new toilet, double kitchen sink, 18 cubic foot refrigerator, a new DIGITAL gas heater, 2 air conditioners and microwave- all included for free, in the rent
The roof is made of leakproof METAL, with a lifetime warranty
You can park right next to your front window or front door, in the alley, OFF the street, under the surveillance camera
The entire crib was freshly painted in October 2022
The kitchen is LARGE Great homemade meals await you!
The unit is QUIET. The walls are THICK and ol' school vintage You can play loud music on your bluetooth speaker and nobody will hear you
310 has a beautiful large FRONT PORCH and outdoor gym, that faces the sunThere is a kickboxing bag, ankle weights, perfect pushup handles, headstand stool and dumbbells to work out. ( see photos 8 and 9). There is a large, comfortable sofa out there (photo 7).
The patio is made of concrete and blocked from the winds Temperatures are 20 degrees higher, when it is sunny.
You can exercise, surf the net, sunbathe or chill on this sunny, rain protected patio.
There are 4 units in this vintage 1930 house with 10 foot ceilings
Your kitchen has a back door that is connected to the laundry room/ washer/ dryer
You can also hang and sun dry your washed clothing.
Your front door CANNOT be knocked on, by strangers.It is inside the lobby. There are TWO doors between you and any solicitor, stranger or hoodlum
All doors are brand NEW NEW linoleum floor. NEW tiles in the kitchen.
The floors are made of tile and linoleum There is no carpet. The kitchen countertops are tile
There is a laundry room and very long clothesline, at the back of 310. The washer costs $2.50, the dryer $1.50
Yes, this pad IS wheelchair accessible Absolutely
The master bedroom is 15 by 11 feet. The smaller bedroom is 10 by 11 feet. The kitchen is a long 21 by 7 feet Bathroom is 10 by 7 feet
This writer is a tenant at 310 (photo 16). The landlord is the best Ive EVER seen, in Arkansas (photo 13 and 14)
Your quiet neighbors will be Jessica and Derek Anderson (see photo 15) and myself. (photo 16)
All of us will help you, in every way possible
Your background and credit check needs to be pretty good It doesn't have to be perfect
Im sorry, but its a 1 year lease and we only allow 4 occupants, maximum.
You will pay a $975 deposit that will be returned to you, when you move out.
SMALL dog or cat allowed, but you will pay $35 a month extra.
Our boss and host, Mr. David, (see photos 13 and 14) will be showing the crib every Sunday, between 3pm and 5pm.
Mr. David owns nearby PROGRESSIVE REALTY, on Grand Ave (photo 14) When you are ready to buy and own your own property, he will find it for you.
Contact me, Daniel, at 312 dash 877 dash 9359 or Mr. David at 501 dot 622 dot 8440
We are easy to reach and will answer all your questions