Arkansas - 2 bed 2 bath home close to University Arkansas Fort Smith. This home f

2 bed 2 bath home close to University Arkansas Fort Smith. This home f

ID: #1659459
Contract Type: FOR RENT
State: Arkansas
Last Update Date: 2022-11-09

We are a well-established housing cooperative and are looking for additional members with a sense of community and a sense of possibility. We are interested in people who are eager to participate in shaping what we can do when we work together and who believe that, in a society that fosters loneliness and isolation, intentional communities offer more sustainable and just ways of living together.
We offer a social living environment with daily vegan communal meals and weekly potlucks. We love hosting guests and have many shared resources for residents including an expansive movie collection, a weekday subscription to The New York Times, a few motor vehicles, gardens, lots of hammocks, a library, tools, and more.
We are proud to offer a path to homeownership with equity, as well as team-building and skillshares through house renovations.
Of note: Students and folks who work more than 30 hours a week have found it challenging to live here and meet participation expectations. Also, we have an involved application process that usually takes up to a month, so we are not able to accommodate any emergency move situations.
Other than that, it's a special and unique place to live here in Pittsburgh, and we look forward to meeting you!