Alaska - Partially furnished dry cabin close secluded nicely treed lot

Partially furnished dry cabin close secluded nicely treed lot

ID: #1403286
Contract Type: FOR RENT
State: Alaska
Last Update Date: 2022-05-10

A quiet, secure and friendly place for LONG-TERM oriented folk. Nice partially furnished 2 small dry cabins on small farmstead - with frig, microwave & other basics etc. Actually, at this time we have both of our two cabins available One is a little cheaper then the other both rented as advance pay 3 month leases ONLY. The two prices as DRY cabins ONLY (NO house access for full bathroom use - occasional stove use etc) are $1050 and $1200. (see below for the longer-term no late pays bonus discount). Add $50 p.m. option for house facilities access).
> $30 for internet access.
> Plus shared utilities -lower - winter heat costs since heat is gas.
> Electric and trash included.
> A medium sized space for a garden (borrow our tools).
> Extra storage space available.
> About 9 miles out of Wasilla (2.5 m to 3-Bears)in a nice secluded quiet neighborhood.
. . .
> > Deposits: $250 deposit. Pet deposit varies IF your pet is approvable.
. . .
> > NO SMOKING - on entire property - for anyone; including guests.
. . .
> > BONUS DISCOUNT for multiple renewals with no late pays or other problems:
The cheaper cabin's rent you pay quarterly (3 months) in advance at $1200 which works out to $400 per month - BUT ONLY AT FIRST. IF no late pays on the third quarterly renewal you add a free month rental credit (='s $360 p.m.). IF still no late pays at the sixth quarterly renewal you add 2 free months rental credit (now totaling 3 months of rental credits) for a total bonus discount down to (='s $343 p.m.). The other cabin has a wee higher rent w/ discount bonus at $1300 quarterly or $434 p.m.) at third quarterly renewal ( ='s $390) at sixth with discount (='s $372).
. . .
Looking for quiet - VERY respectful - LONG-TERM'ERS who are ez going (like us); for this reason we don't do normal monthly rents as we are only looking for persons who are looking for a longer term situation. But you have 7 days after sign and pay to change your mind - everything but $100 returned.
. . .

. . .
There have arisen many new issues of WAY increased risks/problems to LOW-income single unit Landlords; like for us fixed-income retired Seniors especially. For these reasons we are not in any hurry.
Therefore who can be considered and who can’t have changed from the previous norms.
Can ONLY consider potential renters
1. - who already have a CURRENT EMPLOYMENT (or retired) history of at least 8 months.
2. - with a current previous LOCAL rental history of at least 12 months
3. - own a reliable car (see disabled/senior fixed income exception below)
4. - work within 30 miles
5. - are able to meet for a coffee/tea for a MUTUAL Q & A chit-chat before viewing cabin.
. . .
. . .
1. - Anyone not physically in and already living in the local area.
2. - Inquiries that only ask “is it still available?”. If ad’s up - it’s still available. (avoiding spam tricks).
3. - Those who just ask for photo's (NO pics sent till AFTER
. . . . . . we receive First & Last Name + a phone number )
- - - - First&Last Name
- - - - and a phone number
- - - - and a decent description of who you are and what your looking for AND what conditions you hope to avoid.
Your co-operation with the above will be gratefully appreciated.
Disabled or Seniors on fixed income without a car.
You are welcome to apply; we are only 2.5 miles from 3 Bears happy to provide
a couple trips per week and two trips to downtown Wasilla per month only asking
for a little help with gas costs.