Alaska - 5bdrm, acre lot, Hatcher pass area

5bdrm, acre lot, Hatcher pass area

ID: #1403157
Contract Type: FOR RENT
State: Alaska
Last Update Date: 2022-05-10

Five bedroom house on acre lot near Hatcher pass. 8 Miles up wasilla Fishook.
$1500 month, utilities in your name. $1500 security deposit
Huge yard, fenced area for dog
Room for horse.
Must have good credit, no criminal record. Looking for long-term tenant
Leave name number and a little information about you and who's going to live there. I want a short paragraph telling me who you are where you work the basics.
If it's not included in the mail in the trash it goes. I'm really not a bad guy but if you can't follow basic instructions then I don't think agreement would work out.
Yes it's fairly cheap rent for a reason. I'll pay for new flooring on the main floor and upstairs. And I'll have the broken windows replaced. It probably needs a full paint. I'll reimburse you for the paint and pay a for you to paint it. But I'm not paying outrageous price for you to paint. There's a leaky faucet, the dishwasher leaks my guess is the hose is plugged, probably new caulking in the kitchen and bathroom that's all your problem. The yard used to be a football field now it's a horse pen again your problem not mine. The front door needs totally replaced I'll pay to have that done or pay you to do it. The outside is not going to be painted for a while but I'm hoping next year to get a new roof on.
So you get fairly cheap rent but any minor repairs you do. You pay your rent on time then if there's a problem I'll reimburse you. The septic needs to be pumped every 4 months or so but I think if we put a high pressure toilet downstairs that might fix that problem. But we'll start on the downstairs later. I'm not painting the outside anytime soon. Hopefully I'll get a new roof on next year. It's not leaking but desperately needs a new roof. So you're kind of moving into a construction project. I think some of the kitchen drawers need fixed,, new caulking in the bathroom and probably the kitchen that's all your problem. Basically if it's under a hundred bucks it's your problem.
I need a one year lease 1500 bucks a month utilities in your name $1,500 security deposit.
I'm an easy going landlord and we can fix what needs to be fixed at a reasonable price. But I like my money on time.
Retired out of the Union and I have free lawyers free attorneys and I know most of judges in the valley. So if you think you're going to move in there and then try charging me thousands of dollars for repairs according to tenant landlord agreement laws you're barking up the wrong tree. I could care less about the government and I could care less about covid. There is no covid relief here. I get my money and I get it on time. It's that simple .
My last tenant was in there 20 years.