Alaska - 1 bedroom behind Monroe School--Very Cheap!!

1 bedroom behind Monroe School--Very Cheap!!

ID: #1147656
Contract Type: FOR RENT
State: Alaska
Last Update Date: 2021-11-08

2 Bedroom Daylight Basement Apartment for $750/month.
Deposit is $750.
Small 2 bedroom/1 bath apartments is on the corner of Betty Street and Ellingson, right across Betty from Monroe school. It is an older apartment in an older building.
Some pets may be allowed (we don't accept rodents, ferrets, rottweilers, or young animals).
The heat is hot water, provided from our boiler. Next winter there may be a small (perhaps $60) depending on what the cost of heating oil does) monthly heating surcharge.
You will need to pay for your own electric, including the headbolt heater for your car. We do not provide phone, internet or cable.
We do provide water and sewer.
There is a full sized bathroom, with a tub/shower combo.
The carpets are very old (more than 5 years), and the stove is probably more than 40 years old. The 'fridge is also very old (20 years).
Sorry, we don't have a laundry.
Parking is adequate, though there may be a charge for excessive vehicles. Non-running vehicles generally not allowed.
Please note this is down about 5 stairs; those who can not handle stairs should not apply.
The closest bus stop is about 0.2 miles away, on Illinois St. The Red, blue & brown bus lines go by here.
Schools are: Nordale Elementary School, Tanana Middle School and Lathrop High School.
There is an application required, which costs $25 per adult. Our applications review 3 things: criminal history (no recent felonies); landlord history (people who have been evicted should not bother to apply) and a credit check like a bank does (no recent bankruptcies or court ordered collections). When applying we also require $50 earnest money (to hold the apartment 2 days while we process the application), so be sure to bring enough cash to cover this if you think you might be applying (sorry, we don't accept anything but cash for applications). If we turn you down for any reason the earnest money is returned. When you pass it is applied to (i.e. subtracted from) your first month's rent. (The only way you loose the earnest money is if you change your mind about renting the apartment.)
As long as your credit rating isn't horrible, the deposit is equal to the rent (unless you have pets, then it is $150 more). First month's rent and deposit must be paid before move-in.
We are very bad about answering our emails, it is best to call us at
. If you do send us an email please include a phone number, and keep in mind that our phone number shows up as blocked (or private or 1-111-111-1111 or; don't ask me why all the variation but it does it to us too). If you don't have an answering machine perhaps you should answer all incoming calls for a while?
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