Alabama - 1302 Mercury Blvd Unit #19

1302 Mercury Blvd Unit #19

ID: #1147081
Contract Type: FOR RENT
State: Alabama
Last Update Date: 2021-11-08

Properties Unlimited DOES NOT MAKE TIMELY repairs.
We have had to resort to this form of "Asking for long needed repairs to be done," many times.
Since early July of this year they have been aware that mice have opened large holes in the HVAC flexduct ductwork in the crawl space. This results in inadequate A/C and heating, higher utility bills, and discomfort to our family. They showed us pictures of the flexduct. Holes that appear to be 8 to 10 inches in size in the flexduct. When 90 degrees outside, indoors reached 80 degrees, A/C ran non-stop from 7am to midnight.
Let's not forget the gas fireplace needs a new ignitor so that it will light and function properly.
We went without a functioning doorbell for over 2 months.
It took them 7 weeks to install a handrail on the front steps.
We asked for a properly working deadbolt. They made 3 repairs to it. For 8 days our key would not work the deadbolt.
A electrical circuit had a bad circuit breaker. We had no electricity in the garage, on the front porch, and half the master bath for 7 weeks.
We asked them to clean the rain gutters over the porch as the gutter and drainpipe were 100% clogged. Rain would pour in the entiire front porch. This repair took 11 weeks.
I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU NOT rent from Properties Unlimited. You would also experience a total lack of caring about repairs you might request.
At the time we were looking for a place to rent, we did not have 3 times the rent in income. We had to give a cashiers check for $17,787 upfront, for one years rent, a prorated portion of one months rent, and a security deposit. And look at the quick professional repairs that have been performed.
Should you like to discuss these issues with them, please call Linda Dillion at
61 FIVE - 890 - SIX 565
You may also call Richard Dillion on his cell phone 24 hours at
61 FIVE - 8 FOUR 9 - 6523